“Thank you for making it possible for me to communicate with my grandson.  He is three years old,
and it is fun and rewarding to learn to communicate with him.  Now, instead of blank looks at each other, we actually connect.  You are an experienced and innovative teacher.” {Grandmother}

“I love my sign classes! The teacher makes learning so much fun.  The way the curriculum is put together makes learning easy.  So many of the signs are logical and the 'families' they belong with make learning this wonderful language fun and easy to grasp. I recommend this class to everyone!”  {Interpreter}

“How can I begin to describe the experience of being welcomed into a persons life?  This was my experience when I began to become fluent in sign language, a skill that happened as a result of attending classes.  I tried to learn sign language from a book, videos, and singing along with preschool songs, but it never 'stuck'.  The exposure of the classroom experience was the ticket for me.  It helped to cement the vocabulary/concepts I learned.  Powerful  is the primary word that comes to mind when I think of learning sign.”{Speech & Language Pathologist} 

“Alisa is such an engaging teacher, always patient and willing to explain, answer, and help! I love this class!  She makes it easy to learn the material and to learn from each other.” {Parent}

“I really enjoyed the class and think that it is well done and makes learning easy. I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn SEE is a fun and supportive environment!” {Parent}